Celebrate Indonesia Hero’s Day with These 5 Biopic Films


First thing first, In this post, I want to say sorry because this post should be outdated. Yesterday, November 10th, all Indonesian celebrate what they call as Hero’s Day. Just for your Information, In that day, people in Indonesia commemorate the 1945 Battle of Surabaya, in which pro-independence Indonesian soldiers and militia fought against British and Dutch troops as part of the Indonesian National Revolution. If you read the story, people and soldiers in Surabaya work together for their independence. They do not allow anyone to take back the Independence they deserve. With only traditional weapons, they can push British soldiers and army out of their country.

When I read that history, I shouted “damn!! This is the greatest war in Indonesia, and they did it well!!” Indonesia has colonized by Dutch Empire for about 3oo years. After that Japan and British came by and colonized Indonesian land for “only” 5 years. Indonesia people was sick of invaders. They came and tear people apart. They stole natural resources to fund their homeland, left Indonesia and its people in poverty and starving.

Luckily, there were heroes around desperate people. They are optimistic enough that this country could be free from evil invaders. They demanded people to unite as one. They did not need to take a gun and kill but stand in the front and inspire people to do something they need to do.

Unfortunately, you are too young to know about what he/she did in that era. But, there are some films that can make you feel the spirit from war of Independence. Here are some of them.

  1. Soekarno

If you talk about 1945, the word “Soekarno” could describe everything happen in that year. He is the first president of Indonesia. He built Indonesia political system after struggling for the Independence. People believe in him to lead Indonesia. Other countries’ leader respect this new country because of him.

  1. Soegija

No many people know about him or what had he did for Indonesia. If you are in the group, I would tell you this: He is the hero of plurality and diversity. He taught people how to win the war without a war. He embraced humanity behind the war. He told us how to be good during one of the heaviest periods of Indonesian history.

  1. Jendral Soedirman

The greatest General of Indonesian Soldiers. He was a high-ranking Indonesian military officer during the Indonesian National Revolution. He was the first commander-in-chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Guerilla was his favorite tactic. Many invaders tried to arrest him but it never succeed. Only Lung Cancer can make him lose.

  1. Guru Bangsa: Tjokroaminoto

He was one of the great teacher in Indonesia history. He was the mentor of Soekarno and some other leaders and thinkers like Tan Malaka. If you admit how good Soekarno at writing, thinking and oration, it means you admit how good his teacher that taught him everything.

  1. Sang Pencerah

The film followed the story of Ahmad Dahlan. He was the founder of Muhammadiyah, the first Islamic organization in Indonesia. He also was a teacher and preacher. He defined how people see Islam in Indonesia today.

Those are 5 Indonesia’s Heroes that inspire people to fight for their country. They motivate people to do good to be able to decide their own life and choice.

Happy Heroes Day!!


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