Sabtu Bersama Bapak, When A Memory From A Father Last Eternally


Losing someone is painful. The effect is getting worse if you lose your parents. Compare to any other people, parents are the closest people you ever had in your life. They are the one who take care of you after the birth until now. They provide you everything, food, security, love and attention. Imagine, when they are gone away. It might be your darkest time ever. No one will take care of you as good as them. No one will love as much as your parents. But, they still exist in you. They still exist in the form of wisdom and memory you always remember. As long as you do their words, they are still standing next to you. If it is too hard for you to imagine that, so the film Sabtu Bersama Bapak is for you.

The story consist of three different but similar a smaller stories. But, all of them start after the father leave them forever. After knowing the fact that he just only a year left, Gunawan decide his illness should not limit him to take care of Satya dan Cakra. So, he decides to make a record for his two little children. The record will tell his messages to them to always move forward after his death. Ibu Itje then play the record every Saturday. Because of the records, Satya dan Chakra never feel alone because his father will be on TV every week.

Bapak akan selalu ada
[/media-credit] Bapak will always there

20 years passed by with happiness. Satya is now in France with his wife and his children. He works very hard following his father message to always plan everything. However, it makes Satya only focus on the future but forget the present. He forgets to get closed to his children and appreciate his wife’s effort. Feeling worthless, his wife ran away and leave Satya in guilty feeling. Unlike Satya, Chakra is still single. Even when he successfully become the manager, he still had problems with talking to girls. Everyone in his office bully him but he refuses to make it a big deal. Everything change when he met Retna Ayu, his fellow in the office. He feels he is in crush with her but again he is so nervous when starring to her. The condition are getting worse when Ibu got a tumor. She tried very hard to hide it. As a mother, she didn’t want his sons to worry about her. Luckily, Bapak’s messages always come and help them to get through the problem they face.


If you just see the poster, you must assume the film will be very sad. It is not totally wrong but sligtly correct. There is tear, laugh and love in the film. When you watch it, the first part is very touching. A father that want to get old along with his children but he can’t. Instead he create videos so that his wife and his sons can live without his lead. Not only that, Sabtu Bersama Bapak is also funny, especially when Chakra can’t be normal and say random words in front of Ayu. However, the story is too packed. The film seems to remake all aspects in the novel to the film. In a certain duration, it become a problem. Some scene seems not align with the previous scene. But overall, it is worth-watching.

Producers : Ody Mulya Hidayat
Directors : Monty Tiwa    
Writers : Adhitya Mulya    
Starring : Abimana Aryasatya, Ira Wibowo, Deva Mahendra, Acha Septriasa   

Overall Rating: 4.4 of 5

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