These Koala Kumal Quotes will Enlighten You and Your Relationship Status


Love and pain are like two side of a coin. Love exists because pain exist, there is no one can avoid that. Because of that, some people tend to avoid love. Some people are not strong enough to feel the pain when letting someone away. They might have very bad relationship in the past, so that’s why, they do not trust in love anymore. But, believe me no one in this world can live without loving others. Human are meant to be social beings. God creates us to love and be loved. If not, sorry, you are not a complete human being.

Koala Kumal told me that thing. Dika told me to keep moving even when your partner cheated right behind you. If you still don’t see the film yet, let me tell you this. In the film, Dika, our main protagonist, and Andrea planned to get married but they broke up only 2 weeks before the D-day! Imagine how much pain Dika can feel at the moment. Indeed, Dika needs about a year to recover. He cannot simultaneously forget Andrea after she had affair but he tried and tried to leave her for good. He let Andrea go and be happy with another man. If Dika can be that gentleman, I think you can do that also.

Okay, stop talking about sadness and depression after breakup. You have to cheer you up. You have to be ready to face another day in the future. To keep up your spirit, these Koala Kumal Quotes may be helpful for you. You can even vote for the quotes tha really resonate with you!

Note: these quotes are originally in Indonesia, not English. I try very hard to translate them so you can understand them in English. Cheers




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