Koala Kumal, When Your Comfort Zone is Not that Comfort Anymore


Loving someone has a risk. Risk to be cheated, risk to be hurt and risk to be left away. Once you get hurt, she or he  will lose your trust. You would make a promise to forget her or him. You would throw any memory about her or him away. Yeah. You swear to move on and move forward even though a person you love have given you beautiful experience you never forgot. When he or she wants to come back and fix the relationship, you refuse it because it was too late. That feeling is well-described by Raditya Dika in his latest book, Koala Kumal.  If you miss the book or just want to watch rather than read, the film version is for you.

The film starts with the sweet life of Dika and Andrea. Dika gives everything for his beautiful girlfriend, Andrea. He makes a surprise in her birthday, buy her a cute car or accompany her whenever she needs him. They even have planned to get married few days later. But, Poor Dika, Andrea had cheated behind him. She had an affair with more handsome and richer guy, James. Dika feel depressed for about a year. He could not move on from Andrea. It disturbs his latest book’s progress. Even, he didn’t make any word on his laptop. One day, he met pretty weird girl on a cafe. She mysteriously appear and disappear in front of him. She wants him to be a guest star for his Book Club Community. By the way, Trisna is the name of the girl.

Try to move forward
[/media-credit] Try to move forward

After she get closer with Dika, Trisna comes up with two conclusions, Dika is still broken heart and he even did not try to move on yet. Days by days, Trisna recommends him to forget everything about her. The first step is throwing away any stuffs related with Andrea. The second step is burning them by his own. The next step is more crucial, Dika has to open up himself for other person. Trisna knows that and tries to introduce him to some girls. But, some of them did not work out. Again, Trisna comes with an idea, Dika has to get a revenge on Andrea and James. Both of them sabotaged everything to break their relationship. One day, Dika thought what he and Trisna did is wrong. After figuring out some facts, he knows that Trisna is just like him, try very hard to move on from someone she loves, Choky. Choky has died after Trisna and him graduate and until now, Trisna could not forget about him.  Dika cheers her up and asks her to fix their heart-broken, together. They have to move forward and let another person to come in.


Once again, Raditya Dika authentically describe what teenagers and adults feel about love and relationship. This film is more serious since it tells about heart broken and marrying. However, the comedy is still there. There are many lines to laugh about. Some scenes are also too weird to be a reality. However, the duration and the pace is the problems. The duration is too long. There are some shots that should not be included because it does little impact in overall story. The pace is also not really good. The climax is not really compelling and the ending seems not natural.

Producers : Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Servia    
Directors : Raditya Dika    
Writers : Raditya Dika    
Starring : Raditya Dika, Sheryl Sheinafia, Acha Septriasa, Nino Fernandez   

Overall Rating: 4.2 of 5

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