The Darkest Nightmare, When Conan Has to Deal With Black Organization


Detective Conan (for western people, it is known as Case Closed) has been made since January 1994. Until no, the series (in manga/comic or anime) is still on going. The film version is also still producing the new story. On April 2016, the latest film of it has been released titled The Darkest Nightmare. The story is more likely the same with the previous film but this time, the film will feature the Black Organization. In case you do not know, the Black Organization is the archenemy of Conan. They are the reason why Shinichi Kudo turns out into Conan Edogawa. Now, Conan has to work together with other national security organizations to take them down.

The story begins after one of the Black Organization’s member code-named Curaçao infiltrate and steal NOC list from CIA, FBI, PSB, CSIS, MI6 and BND. The list contain names agent who goes undercover in the organization. Unluckily, police knows her operation and try to stop her. She escapes but Toru Amuro  chases her to the bridge. The pursuit did run well. Curaçao almost successfully escaped if Suichi Akai did not shoot the tire of Curaçao vehicle. Her car crashed and Curaçao drowned to the sea. But, She is still alive and surfaces in Toto Aquarium near the crash site. She got amnesia and forgot everything about herself, her operation and the secret she had.

Ai Haibara feel that woman was dangerous
[/media-credit] Ai Haibara feel that woman was dangerous

In the next day, Conan and her friends go vacation and visit Toto Aquarium. He found her, sitting in the park with messed-up look and broken hand phone. Then Mitsuhiko, Genta and Ayumi asked her to go around in order to recover her memory. Along the way, she disclosed her high-skilled agent ability even she do not remember her identity. Looking at her ability, Haibara felt strange about her. She presumes the woman are from the Black Organization.  PSB also think the same way so they take the woman and torture her in the Toto Aquarium to give the NOC information. Unfortunately, everything does not run well as planned. The Black Organization attacks the Aquarium and take her agent back. They shoot the Ferris wheel and terrorize all visitors in the park. In this chaotic situation, Conan has to make Amuro and Akai to work together and save innocent people. At one moment, Curaçao got her memory back but the warm acceptance she got from Genta, Mitsuhiko and Ayumi make her to be a better person. In the last minute of her life, she sacrificed her life to save them that trapped in the wheel.


 The Darkest Nightmare may be the most thrilling film of all Detective Conan movie until now. The Black Organization is truly scary in the film. The organization cold-bloodedly killed the undercover agent in London, Berlin and Toronto. The attack on the wheel is also destructive. Gin take the shot and shoot in random without considering the victim. Despite of that, the characterization is also good. People feel empathy with the poor amnesic Curaçao. She might have bad backstory but along the way, she transformed into lovable character. However, I personally think that the duration is too long for an anime film. It makes some of the actions did not have enough reason to do.

Producer : TMS Entertainment
Director : Kobun Shizuno
Writer : Takeharu Sakurai
Starring : Minami Takayama, Wakana Yamazaki, Rikiya Koyama, Megumi Hayashibara, Yukiko Iwai, Ikue Ohtani, Wataru Takagi

Overall Rating: 4.1 of 5

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