Embrace Your First Love like Taichi in Chihayafuru Live Action Part 1


Love is hard. Finding your true love is harder. People cannot just go around and pick anyone at the place as their partner in life. If that so, I am sure, love will lose its sweet and magical elements. Because of that, I also pretty sure that I, you, and people in common, will never forget our first love. It might not run well. It might end up with pain but there is no doubt it is one of the best life experience we ever get. But, how if we never tell our love to the one we like? Or how if she or he never feel what you feel? Would you leave it or make an effort for her/him? In Chihayafuru live action part 1, Taichi chose to make an effort for the one he loves.

Chihayafuru is a live action film adapted from a manga (Japanese comic) from the same title. The story is basically about Kamiya Arata, Ayase Chihaya and Taichi Mashima. They used to play Karuta (traditional card-playing game from Japan) in their childhood. Even when Arata has to move out of the city, three of them make a promise to play Karuta so that they can meet again someday in the competition. As the time goes, Taichi started to care about another thing. In his high school, he planned to join Soccer club. Otherwise, Chihaya still played Karuta even until she transform into cute and beautiful high school girl. She does not register in any clubs. Instead, she insists Taichi to help her making Karuta club.

very excited in Karuta
[/media-credit] very excited in Karuta

For the first, Taichi ignores her. But he has to admit, he likes Chihaya since in grade 5. So he decides to join Karuta club and become the president. Taichi and Chihaya has many things to do especially recruiting other members. After their hard work, Yosei Nishida, Kanada Oe and Tsutomu Komano joined the club. Chihaya planned to join Karuta Competition held in May. Beside the fact that she loves Karuta, Chihaya also has a purpose to be a Karuta queen (Arata is usually called the King by the way). Taichi knows it well but he still keeps his eyes on Chihaya only. He played Karuta is also because he did not like to see Arata got closed with Chihaya. Luckily, Chihaya and Taichi can lead the team to go final match against one of the best Karuta school in the prefecture. The final goes really intense and  the team win with the sweat.


For a live action film, Chihayafuru used many essential elements found in the manga in a good way. If you do not know Karuta at all, it is better for you do some research or watch the anime and manga version. Because of the duration, I think Karuta itself is not well-described. The film is more focusing on the story among Arata and Taichi and Chihaya. But, the Karuta related scenes were incredible. You will feel the how intense the match can be. It looks simple and easy but it requires training and effort. Also, the characters are good to watch. Chihaya is adorable while Taichi is lovable. In conclusion, I can’t wait for the part 2.

Producer : Robot Communications
Director : Norihiro Koizumi
Writer : Norihiro Koizumi, Yuki Suetsugu
Starring : Suzu Hirose, Shūhei Nomura, Mackenyu, Mone Kamishiraishi, Yūma Yamoto, Yūki Morinaga, Hiroya Shimizu

Overall Rating: 4.6 of 5

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