Kimi No Nawa: When Love Comes from A Destructive Meteor


Having a relationship is not as easy as it is looked. Compromise is everywhere and you (and your partner) has to deal with it. It is not hard but challenging. The challenge is tougher if you are miles apart with your partner. But, can you imagine someone that has relationship and connection with the person but never met before? In this online era, social media make it real. You can know other person far away from where you live. But, please be honest, you won’t feel very attached because you never meet each other before. If you feel that feeling but still not sure about it, Kimi No Nawa might describe it well.

This anime follows a story from Mitsuha and Taki. Those two are just ordinary high school students but somehow, their body swapped without any reason. Originally, Miyamizu Mitsuha used to live in small village called Itomori with her little sister and her grandma. She also still had her father but he run for the election. Mitsuha’s father chose to focus on his election rather than her family. Everything goes well until one day, her friends, Natori and Tesshigawara told her that she was acting weird yesterday. Mitsuha had no idea about that unless the simple question “Who are you (kimi no nawa)?” in her diary. By the way, she felt bored with her life in Itomori. She hope she can move to Tokyo and even got married there.

kimi no na wa
[/media-credit] When their body swapped

On the other hand, the similar condition also happen in Taki’s life. Even he is a tough boy outside, he had a habit to take note everything happen in that day in his cell phone. This is gonna be the medium for Mitsuha to communicate with him when their body swapped. It happens day by day, week by week until in one point, Taki and Mitsuha felt attached each other. They are separated miles away. They never met before but they missed each other so much. Somehow, Mitsuha and Taki never swap again. They do not know why but it makes Taki to take long journey to Itomori. His journey leads him to the shocking facts, Itomori has been destroyed by the Comet struck in the festival night. Taki refused to believed that. Instead, he tried to find Mitsuha and warned her about what will happen to her and people in Itomori.


Sweet, tragic but full of puzzle. Those can describe Kimi No Nawa in simple. Do not questions the visual, Kimi No Nawa was made very beautiful. All scene looked real and natural. Also, thanks to Makoto Sinkai, the story is very compelling. You can laugh, cry and blushed in the same time. Do not get it wrong, many people would think it is about reincarnation story, but trust me, it’s a lot more complicated than that. A cute and sweet love story that separated by time and place. The best part happened in the mountain scene. This is the first time Taki and Mitsuha met in person. It lasted only for minutes but it is very iconic.

Producers: Noritaka Kawaguchi, Genki Kawamura
Director : Makoto Shinkai
Writer : Makoto Shinkai
Starring : Ryunosuke Kamikim Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryo Narita, Aoi Yuki, obunaga Shimazaki, Kaito Ishikawa, Kanon Tani, Masaki Terasoma 

Overall Rating: 4.6 of 5

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