Imperium, Go Undercover Without Fighting

Nate Foster

Daniel Radcliffe is no longer a cute Hogwarts Wizard. He now uses no wand nor magic. Instead, he used more gun or stuffs along with his journey. He tried very hard to get rid of the wizard and Hogwarts status. In 2016, Daniel Radcliffe starred in many films, from Now You See Me 2 until Swiss Army Man, but the Potter portrayal is too strong to be ignored. That thing will be change when you see Imperium. I think this is the most serious film he would ever star. Radcliffe as a young FBI agent? You never see it in other film but Imperium.

The film followed a story from Nate Foster, a young FBI agent who infiltrate and do undercover to a white supremacist terrorist. Angela Zamparo, his boss, discovered that radioactive material caesium-137 is illegally imported by the terrorist network in United States. FBI believes that the terrorist will use that radioactive materials to support movement from ISIS or Taliban but Zamparo had different opinion. She had a theory that the terrorists comes from White Supremacist movement that spread out in all around United States. She then recruited Nate to go undercover and got the information about the bombing plan. He must infiltrate to the group led by Vince Sargent and get closed to the Dallas Wolf.

Go infiltration with white power organization
[/media-credit] Go infiltration with white power organization

Dallas Wolf is a conservative radio host that promote white supremacist in his every shows. He also is the author of Genocide: The Murder of White America. A nerdy Foster then get false identity as Nathan, an ex-Marine who has returned from Iraq. Even Nate does not have experienced in field operation, his IQ and interpersonal skill make neo-Nazi trust him at first glance. He also becomes fast friends with Gerry Conway, a white collar engineer and lovable daddy for two kids. Getting closer, Nate offered Dallas Wolf an investment to expand, but the expansion is not for the terror. The real bad guy is Gerry Conway. He and his collage had a plan to use illegal Caesium material for his dirty bombing but he can hide that so well. Going undercover is never easy. There is a time when Zamparo and Foster feel so wrong about their conspiracy theory. Foster feel depressed and decided to move to West Coast. He got to Gerry to have farewell and everything change. Gerry reveals his true plan but Foster should stop him without break the Gerry’s trust.


1 hour 45 minutes is very short for Imperium. The story is very packed and psychologically thrilled. We see how hard Nate Foster got the terrorist’s trust. But it is better to see less conflict within the film. I have to admit, in the last part, the pace seems to be so rushed. Daniel Radcliffe should get special credit for his role. The young actor is very effectively putting his Harry Potter days behind him. When we watch Imperium, we see Radcliffe as Nate Foster not the iconic Harry Potter. Great performance.

Director : Daniel Ragussis
Producer : Simon Taufique, Dennis Lee, Daniel Ragussis, Ty Walker
Writer : Daniel Ragussis
Starring : Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, Devin Druid, Pawel Szajda, Nestor Carbonell, Sam Trammell

Overall Rating: 4.4 of 5

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