Are You Able to Infiltrate Like Nate Foster Imperium?

Nate Foster

From the first part, Imperium states the film is based on the true story of Michael German. You can google that name if you want to dig deeper about him. But, I am going to tell you right now, becoming an agent is not that hard actually. If you check the requirements, the standard is not very high. It means you are all can apply and enjoy the same journey you watch in your favorite TV series.

But, not everyone in the agency (whether CIA or FBI) are field agent. Most of them are working behind the table and doing administrative tasks. If you ever watched cop story series, every fun comes when you track down bad guys and arrest them in rush. However, not everyone fits that role. At least, you will need to have basic martial arts before that. It makes sense but not always true. Nate Foster is the example. He is just an ordinary guy behind the desk. He didn’t get field training nor fighting experience. But, his boss command him to go undercover anyway. If Nate Foster can do that, you have chance to do the same thing.

Before that, you need to check whether you fit the job or not. Enjoy 🙂

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