Nine Lives: When Your Father is a Cat That You Love

Your father is a pet

Parenthood are the hardest job adult can do. As a parent, a person needs to balance his or her life between work and family. If you’re still 20 something, you could never think about that. What’s inside your mind may be just working, relationship and making more money. That’s it. But, if you turn into a parent, you have responsibility over another individu, your kids. And believe me, taking such that responsibility can be exhausted. This is what happen to Tom Brand. A very successful businessman but unsuccessful dad. In film titled Nine Lives, something turn him into a cat so he can fix his relationship with his family.

As what I describe above, the story is about Tom Brand’s life. He is very successful entrepreneur and businessman. He got everything every man wants to have: money, beautiful wife, cute daughter and the tallest building in Manhattan. His life should be perfect but business takes most of his time. He got no time for his family. He even almost forgot her daughter’s birthday if his wife, Lara, didn’t remind him that. As an apology, Tom promised his daughter to fulfill anything she wants. With his money, Tom of course can give everything his daughter Rebecca wants but he doesn’t. Rebecca wants a cat. In contrast, Tom hates cat the most. But, to prove himself as a good dad, he wants to Purrkins Pet Shop to buy a gift to Rebecca.

The Professional Cat Whisperer
[/media-credit] The Professional Cat Whisperer

Everything is fine until Tom got a call from Ian, one of top managers in Firebrand. He told Tom that his building would be the second tallest building. Tom got mad with him but suddenly, a lightning struck the tip of the antenna. Tom slipped away from the edge of the building. Ian knew that but he decided to let Tom died. Accidentally, Tom’s soul transfers into a cat he bought but his body is in coma. On the other hand, his company is in danger. Ian plans to sell 51% Tom’s ownership. The board’s member support him because Tom is too ambitious. In that situation, Tom tried to tell everyone that he is still alive, as cat. But it’s pointless. Nobody can hear him but the Cat Whisperer from the pet shop, Perkins. He told Tom to fix his life, to get closer with his family and become a better dad. If not, he will trap in the cat’s body forever.


A man became a cat? Nine Lives is unique if not weird. More than that, the film brings the message that parents should care about their kids. Caring doesn’t mean to buy fancy things frequently and got vacation every time they want. It means parents should stand by the kids, play with them or have time for them. As a parenthood movie, Nine Lives do their job well. But as a comedy, it lacks of jokes. This kind of movie should make people laugh but there is no enough funny scenes there.

Director : Barry Sonnenfeld
Producer: Lisa Ellzey
Writer : Gwyn Lurie, Matt R. Allen, Caleb Wilson, Daniel Antoniazzi, Ben Shiffrin
Starring : Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell, Cheryl Hines, Mark Consuelos, Malina Weissman, Christopher Walken

Overall Rating: 3.9 of 5

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