Cat Lovers VS Dog Lovers, Which one is Better?

Cat Lovers

Have you watched Nine Lives? I have to admit, this film is far from good but I can predict that many people would still spend their money for it. The reason is they love cats so much. On paper, Nine Lives should have worked. None Lives is supposed to be funny. But, it is not. The screenplay featured 5 writers and that is a good sign for comedy. The premise is promising but the overall story is just “not bad.”

However, this film is still interesting. Unlike the typical film credit, in Nine Lives, the first name in film’s closing credits is not the director. Nine Lives breaks that custom and the honor goes to the film’s two cat trainers first. Sure, it’s a nice gesture. But let’s face it – the choice is brilliant. It will attract many cat lovers to go see this film.

Cats and Dog. Two different animals that become human’s true friend since long time ago. Those two animals define the owner so that their personality. Not sure about it, just check this trivia out!!


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