3 Advices Storks’ Cornerstore Teaches You About Business


I have to admit, Storks was amazing. Absurd story combined with absurd characters make it so fun to watch. An eCommerce run by a bunch of storks plus crazy young teenager? I bet You won’t get something like this for long time in the future. However, this film still make me thing about something greater than just entertainment, a business in common. When I watch it for twice, I realize that Stork’s Cornerstore is talking about business and entrepreneurial stuffs. It contains some (if not many) advice for young future entrepreneur who watch it in the free time. This film transforms something supposed to be boring into an impressive animation for people in all ages.

  1. Pivot Doesn’t mean To Not Coming Back
pivot can also mean coming back
[/media-credit] pivot can also mean coming back

Cornerstore is originally a baby making and delivery service. Storks in the mountain do it for long time. But one terrible thing change the entire business. When the baby making machine produces one unauthorized little girl, the CEO try to do a pivot. Knowing that the business have reliable fleet for delivery, Cornerstore jumps into an ecommerce business. It runs well for some time, but again, one single unpredictable action made the business turn into the original baby making industry.

  1. Identify Your True Calling
Find your calling
[/media-credit] Find your calling

We all know that ecommerce is multibillion dollar business. This is why Cornerstore changes its business model. But, the profit you get means nothing if it is not your call. A calling is something comes up within you. You cannot internet search a calling. No service out there can help you but yourself. This is the most important thing every single entrepreneur needs to figure out. When a calling become passion and passion become action, it is the first sign of success.

  1. An Evil Boss Deserves a Dismissal From the Employees
Do not be like him
[/media-credit] Do not be like him

Hunter is Cornerstore’s CEO until Junior take over his position in the last part of the film. He is a charismatic boss. People will listen when they say something. But he is not a leader. He dictates instead of inspires his fellows. The business is running well but His employees don’t. His people do what he says it needs to do. Also, he treat his little birds in the office. In the final arc, Hunter got what he deserves. Other storks leave him alone and don’t care about him. So, whenever you are being a boss, don’t be like Hunter. Be Junior instead.

Learning materials can be from anywhere. Sometimes, knowledge and wisdom come when you don’t think of it at all. Those three points are just a little examples. There are many lessons you can discover if you watch it very carefully.

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