Wanna See Lee Min-ho Fighting Style? Watch Bounty Hunter In Your Weekend

Lee Min-ho

Every Korean lovers know this guy. Since he starred as Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Before Flowers, his fame spread out crazily in Asian Countries. Yeah, He is Lee Min-ho. All movies featuring him usually is a local box office hit, including Gangnam Blues, City Hunter and The Heirs. Now, he starts his new adventure outside Korea by starring Bounty Hunter. This movie was made by Chinese-South Korean-Hong Kong co-production, and you can predict, our idol will fight with bad guys in Hong Kong, Incheon and Mainland China.

The story starts when Li San and his brother, A Yo work as personal bodyguard for famous people. Originally, both of them are Interpol officers but they dismissed because they screwed up the overall operation. The same thing happen again in their new job. Li San messed up the the job and get fired frequently. One day, A Yo got a job from a reporter to protect his resource. They went to the Hotel A but they found nothing but an active bomb. Li San and A Yo can survive from that explosion but the reporter is kidnapped by some men with black mask. Because the reporter didn’t pay the fee yet, Li San and A Yo chase the black-masked man. In the middle of the pursuit, another people who works as bounty hunter also chase the same car. This is the first time when Li San and A Yo meet Catie, Swan and Bobo. Their pursuit did not run well, the car exploded and they become suspects of the serial bombing in Asia.

the Bounty Hunter
[/media-credit] the Bounty Hunter

To clear their name, they must team up and work together. They must figure out what is actually happen. One clue they have now is the name “Sifuan”. It is actually a Thai restaurant in Hotel A. The same incident happen again. Hotel A in Thailand also become the target of the terror. Li San and Catie get into the the hotel to meet someone called “Maya”. But, what they found is another bomb that is ready to explode. In fact, Maya is framed with the real suspect named Tommy. He is the son of the founder of Hotel A chain but he try to blow up his hotel in around Asia. His psychotic behavior is because of his mad with his father. His father is very busy with the work and forget his family. He likes playing with death. He even insists Catie to grab the poison if she want Swan alive. Lucky for Catie, Li San came with the antidote and save her. Both Bounty Hunters now try their best to stop Tommy’s plan to blow Hotel A up in Jeju Island.


 Fun and full of actions. Those two describe Bounty Hunter well. Lee Min-ho acts like a skilled but innocent agent. LiSan and A Yo completes each other. It seems like Li San is the muscle and A Yo is the brain. Their connection with Catie, Swan and Bobo is also good to see. They hate each other but it ended up to be a solid team to arrest Tommy. One thing to be considered is the duration. 1 hour 45 minutes seems too long for the overall story. The creators seem to pack many elements in one movie but it does not work out in some parts.

Producer : Minnie Zhao, Samuel Yeunju Ha
Director : Shin Terra
Writer : Edmond Wong
Starring : Lee Min-ho, Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, Jones Xu, Karena Ng, Louis Fan

Overall Rating: 4.1 of 5

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