Ever Imagine to Order a Baby? Storks Delivery Service will Make It Happen


In the era of internet, many people try their luck by creating an eCommerce business. Some of them fail but the rest got very success. But, don’t you think that they are all similar? I mean, the products they sell is just the same. The differences rely on the speed and reliability of the company. Don’t you think that someday, eCommerce businesses will bubble and burst int the next day because of lack of product variety? I talk about the type of the goods, not the brands. Why some very big online businesses like Alibaba and Amazon copy what Cornerstore do? Yeah, this entity delivers a baby on demand, something that is impossible to be real. But at least, a film “Storks” can make it happen in the big screen.

The story follows the activity of Cornerstore.com, a delivery service company that delivered a baby in the past. However, the current charismatic CEO named Hunter, decide to discontinue the business and turn it into a shipping company. Cornerstore.com is just a common eCommerce which hire storks as the labor. People order goods they desire and it will be delivered fast enough by the stork. The reason behind this decision, beside profit, is because the last baby named Tulip. She is wholly unauthorized girl.¬†18 years later, Hunter hired Tulip to produce new ideas for Cornerstore, but nothing goes well for her. All of her idea make the company suffer losses. So, Hunter calls Junior,¬†Cornerstore’s top delivery stork, to handle or even discharge Tulip out of the mountain. Hunter promises to promote Junior as the boss if he can get Tulip away from Cornerstore.

Wolf can't stand from this cutest creature
[/media-credit] Wolf can’t stand from this cutest creature

Far from the Stork mountain, there is a young boy named Nate Gardner who wants a brother desperately. He feels lonely all the time because his parents are busy wtih their job. One day, he finds an old old brochure about Cornerstore and their former baby-making reputation. In the following day, he writes a letter, contain every single characteristic his brother must have. He doesn’t know that the baby-making service is already shut down for long time and send it to Cornerstore. But, Tulip makes mistake again. She intentionally turn in the baby-making machine and cute baby is produced right away. Knowing that Hunter will get mad because of it, Junior, and Tulip of course, decide to deliver it silently. He thinks the journey will be easy but it is not. Along the way, Junior discovers what stork’s true calling is and it is not about delivering a package.


¬†Storks is totally charming. The film tells two different stories but they are intertwine in the end. The jokes and scenes are sensationally funny. Also, it tells me what does true calling means. Friendship made up the half of the story. Oh, don’t forget about the cute little girl Diamond Destiny. She is totally adorable. She does not make any important dialogue but her expression tells everything. Storks is an animation for kids but in the end it tells a lot about parenthood.

Directed by : Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland
Produced by : Brad Lewis, Nicholas Stoller
Written by : Nicholas Stoller
Starring : Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Keegan-Michael Key, Anton Starkman, Jennifer Aniston

Overall Rating: 4.5 of 6

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