Don’t Breathe: Don’t Mess Up with The Blind Old Man


Until now, people with disability is underestimated. Normal people think they are weak and powerless. They are just a bunch of people that rely on other people’s help. In reality, they are more than that. They have unique abilities that we cannot do. Can you ever see people with no hand paint beautifully on the canvas? I guess you even cannot do such a thing. People with disability should live equally like they are normal. They might be the message from Don’t Breathe, a new thriller film that will scare you like The Conjuring.

Don’t Breathe follows the story of three young men named Money, Rocky and Alex. They are high-skilled thief that break into their target’s home and sell whatever they take. They do such a thing so that they can get out from Detroit. they want a better life in California. However, what they do now is not making much money. However, the person buying the stolen goods from Money doesn’t give them a fair price. Instead, that person suggest Money to steal money from a house in abandoned neighborhood. Money finds that the person in the house have $300,000 in cash. He had it as a settlement after a wealthy young woman killed his daughter. Their target this time is easy, just an old blind man that live alone in his house. They still don’t know that he was a veteran in Iraq war. Money and Rocky agree to break into that house but Alex don’t. He felt wrong to steal from an old blind lonely man.

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[/media-credit] pencuri yang diburu oleh seorang tunenetra

His target seems weak and powerless. But the reality make them shocked. As a veteran, that blind man have high ability in martial art and gun use. He even can wake up after Money gave him anesthetic gas in his room. Everything changes dramatically. Money, Rocky and Alex are now the target. They need to survive and get out for the house.  The blind man terrorize them one by one in the dark. Money died first. Rocky and Alex are still looking for a way out. Along with their escape, Rocky and Alex find a horrible fact about the man. That old blind man took a girl in the basement. He demanded a revenge for his daughter and his sadness. He demanded a new daughter from that woman. But he was not a rapist. Instead, he injected his sperm directly into the woman’s vagina. That is also nearly happen to Rocky unless Alex did not help him in the right time.


Highly recommended!! That is one word which described the Don’t Breathe. This film would make the moviegoers exicited with the old man’s actions. Your hearth rate will increase dramatically because the film thrills you many times. Honestly, the story is also complex but the duration is enough. It is not too long or too short but the pace make the film run so long. The characters also make audiences feel what Rocky and Alex feel. They want to get out and forget the night. Special credit should be awarded to the old man. That man is seriously thrilling. He is more likely Valak, but with a gun and muscle in his bicep.

Director: Fede Alvarez    
Producer : Joseph Drake, Sam Raimi
Writer : Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues    
Starring : Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Stephen Lang, Daniel Zovatto   

Overall Rating: 4.5 of 5

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