Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss, A Nostalgia with the Classic Indonesia Comedy Film

Falcon Picture

Warkop DKI is a legend in Indonesia film Industry. The group had released 34 films from 1979-1994. The title was so catchy and the overall film is so funny. The comedic scenes were special and no more actors could replicate it. Moreover, they¬†sometimes inserted some critics to the government. Those are the solid reason why every film featured Warkop DKI can grab many audiences. Unfortunately, only Indro still exists in Indonesia Entertainment Industry. He is now judges of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia with the mission to empower¬†young comedians throughout the country. More than that, he is also the producer of …

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The Lego Batman Movie: Batman Still Need Family

Warner Bros

Among other DC Comics characters, No one can argue that Batman is the most popular. Thanks to Nolan, now every person around the globe know who the Batman is. We all know the reason why A millionaire became a hero. We all know hie strict the moral value Batman has. Besides that, Batman in the big screen always be the one who remember the tragedy and never laugh. I made me think like there will be no room for comedy in every Batman film. This month, I realize I was wrong. Batman can be funny, but not in live-action. Yeah, …

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Bangkit!, An Indonesian Attempt to Goes to Hollywood


When you talk about Film industry, you must think about Hollywood. It is common to be like that because all of the technology we see on big screen are developed there. All of the CGI, Green Screen, Explosion or any beautiful special effect existed because the directors, actors and producers are brave enough to innovate. When Hollywood had released 2012, Avatar or Transformer, other country still making drama. It is not bad actually but the industry should change. That change is here, in Indonesia by the time Bangkit! was in theater. It is known as the first disaster film made …

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Split: Be a Witness of Professor X with 24 Different Identity

Universal Picture

James McAvoy and Christian Bale are two actors that I admire a lot. They always do their best while playing their roles. You can see how good Bale in The Machinist and Batman trilogy. The character are very different but he can be both very well. Wow! The same reason make me idolized McAvoy. For the first time, I just only know him as the young Professor X in X-Men First Class. I do not know any other film he play into until I watch Split. In that film, he amazingly becomes, not only one but 24 characters, in one …

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When Zombie Apocalypse is Coming, This is What We Gonna Do

Screen Gems

Zombie apocalypse is a hot commodity in Hollywood. Every film with zombies in it will be popular. Everyone is excited to got the theater, whatever the title is. Even the films disappoint them, they do it again and again when there is another poster featured zombies or end of the world. You do not even realize it? Just watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. It got 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb give 6.2 out of 10 to it. However, There are some critics, independent critics in this case, giving it high rating for such a story. What the heck??? Yeah, It …

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Please Do not Be Like Rachel Watson, The Clear Reason Why Alcohol Should Be Avoided

Film School Project

Have you watch The Girl On The Train? This is a good film actually, but still, there are people out there (I mean film critics) who think this film sucks. I do not why but most of them do not like Rachel and her characterization. I have to admit, Rachel is typically useless woman. She just do her daily routine with no purpose. She commutes everyday with the same train just to see her ex-husband’s life. More than that, She often imagine she had perfect and happy marriage. That imagination is deep rooted inside her mind. She sometimes cannot differ …

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, When A Clone Becomes the Original

The Action Pixel

Frequently, the game-adapted film will have negative reviews, even for the film I prefer like Assassins Creed. I do not know, I think people who played the game expect the same excitement and fun while watching the film. But, it is nearly impossible to achieve that. It is much better to develop the original story rather than adapting the game-play into the big screen. Resident Evil is successfully applying this strategy. The film franchise is loosely based on the Capcom survival horror video game series Resident Evil. And you will see the result, six film installments since 2002. This is …

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